Motorcycle Mechanics Essentials Course

Motorcycle Mechanics Essentials Course

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Our course about mechanics essentials is ready, this course is adressed to beginners and focused on classic and custom bikes, course will be a practic based one, so be prepared to get your hands greasy, written materials will be also delivered at the end for further use.

The course will take place at our Bucharest Workshop (115th Viitorului Street) 
starting with June 15th and finishing on July 1st along 6 days, all Tuesdays and Thursdays along the 3 weeks, from 15:00 to 18:00 with the following schedule:

  • June 15th: Intro - Understanding my bike, Common tips, The toolbox, The Cold Starting.
  • June 17th: Carburetors and fueling, Exhaust tips, Spark plugs knowledge.
  • June 22nd: Wheels and tyres tips, Suspension tips, Drivetrain chain and sprockets - driveshafts
  • June 24th: Electrics how to, Wiring and connections, Batteries and emulators.
  • June 29th: Brakes manteinance, Controls and cables
  • July 1st: Final test, Course written materials, Participation Diplomas, Beers and appetizers.

This course is a practise based one so be ready to get your hands greasy!!

Just 8 places available. 

Registration deadline June 11th.