Motorcycle Mechanics Intermediate Course

Motorcycle Mechanics Intermediate Course

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Our intermediate level thematic practise lessons

This time you can choose and book just the speciific lesson you like!

Also you can book the whole course, make your selection at ordering.

Lesson 1 - March 21st: Suspension - Front forks service, rebuild and mantainance. Rear shocks service, rebuild and mantainance. Swing arm service, rebuild and manteinance

Lesson 2 - March 28th: Engine top end - Engine top end service, rebuild and mantainance, timing setup. valve tips and how to.

Lesson 3 - April 4th: Electrics and Ignition, how to wire your bike, electrics troubleshooting, starter motor rebuild.

Lesson 4 - Apriil 11th: Spoked wheels, hubs and rims, how to spoke your wheels, true and balance how to.

Lesson 5 - April 25th: Carburation and rejet, the jetting theory, how to jet your carbs, carburetor rebuilt.

Lesson 6 - May 9th: Brakes mantainance, calipers rebuild and mantainance, master cylinders rebuild and mantainance, brake hoses and bajo joints,how to bleed your brakes.

Please notice that this is an intermediate level course, you need previous basic mechanics skills for being able to manage the lessons!!