Motorcycles Mechanics Course - The Custom Series

Motorcycles Mechanics Course - The Custom Series

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For those that want to swing into the motorcycle building world, this course is specifically orientated to get the proper basic knowledge about how to build your custom bike.

This is not a newbies course so please consider we will start with the premise you have intermediate motorcycle mechanics skills and knowledge, if you are completely new in motorcycle mechanics we recomend you to do first our Basic and Intermediate Mechanics Courses.

You can read the complete course schedule here.

The course will take place at our Bucharest workshop (115th Viitorului Street) on every Friday starting with May 14th 2021 to June 11th 2021 from 15:00 to 19:00

Due to the Covid19 situation we limited the number of available places to 5, first booking, first serving.

Along the course we will assure the proper pandemic protection measures so please try to conform, wearing a mask will be mandatory, we will provide brand new individual protection equipment for each of you (working gloves, protection glasses) but is your responsability to keep them properly and don't share them with anybody.